Super Sonic is a state that Sonic can enter only if he has the 7 Chaos Emeralds. In this form, he is nearly invincible and also extremely fast. This makes him a real challenge to opposing forces.


Still: Super Punch

Moving: Super Kick

Air: Super Dash

Air Up: Upward Dash

Air Down: Super Slam

Power-Up: Chaos Blast


As stated above, Super Sonic is a powered-up version of Sonic, making him one of the fastest characters in the game (along with Super Shadow), as well as a formidible foe. Super Sonic has a unique ability that only 2 other characters share: Healing Factor. He can heal himself naturally by about 1% every second. Super Sonic's Super Punch is merely an enhanced version of his Punch move from his base form. His Super Kick has above-average power and decent range. Like the Super Punch, the Super Dash is an enhanced Light Dash. The Upward Dash is a decent Triple Jump buffer. Super Slam is one of Super Sonic's most powerful attacks. His Power-Up, Chaos Blast requires charging time, but has great KO potential. This move is shared with Shadow and Super Shadow.