Sonic's Character Logo.

Sonic The Hedgehog Is the First Playable Character In Sonic Smash Brothers, and is one of three players that are Imediatley Available. Sonic Compresses the fastest speed out of all the Chracters, and is Independent when needed. With Sonic, you can can create a Special Attack, by pressing the Shift Button. He will spin around, knocking Enemies out of his Way.


Sonic can kick, punch, or spin when Attacked. Sonic can also jump up into the air, and thrust through the air, and when he hits Enemies, he sends them flying into the air, and sometimes out of the Ring. When his Attack Meter is filled up, his Attacks are Much more Powerful, and one punch could cause someone to lose a Life. Sonic also breifly can use a Spin dash when you thrust through the Air. Sonic is also one of the best Jumpers, so keep an eye out for those Sharp Jumps.His weakness is his bad recovery,Making it easy to knock him of the ring.


  • Sonic can dash so fast, he may pass through the Ground as a Glitch, and it will count as a Kill.It is unknown why this occurs.
  • The Super Sonic Version has more accurate Dashes, and is much more Fast and has much more attack power. However, he does not Feature a Spin Dash.