Shadow's Character Logo.

Shadow The Hedgehog is a Mean, hateful Hedgehog, who doesn't care about anything but finding out about his Past. He Compresses Amazing Speed, and does more Damage when thrusted Through The Air. He sometimes can execute a Black Tornado for less then half a Second, and Is Impossible to see without Frame-By-Frame.


Shadow's ground attacks consist of a single puch when on the ground, and a high kick while moving. Shadow's power-up attack requires a charge build up, however it can deal a high amount of damage. Shadow has a very effective attack in which he charges down to the ground-often bouncing right back up for a second attack. He also uses a back flip when in midair (which serves as his triple jump). Shadow can easily be considered one of the most powerful characters(only below Super Sonic and Super Shadow) considering the high damage his air attacks can deal.He does more damage if Sonic is in the fight.


  • Shadow is Unlocked by completing Adventure Mode as Rouge.
  • Shadow jumps higher then any other Character. Even Sonic .
  • Shadow is very useful in the 50 and 100 man K.O.