Tail's Character Logo.

Miles 'Tails' Prower is the 2nd Playable Player in Sonic smash bros, and is one of three that are allready available. Tails Is a shy Fox, who won't rest to go out for a beating. He has two Tails that he can use to Fly into the Air, avoiding Enemy Attacks.


When his Attack Guage is full, Tails can use a Special Attack, in which he will whip his Tails around, throwing enemy's into the Air. If he is knocked out of the ring, it's a 9/10 Percent chance he will fly back up, allthough he will get tired of flying eventually.His weakness is his lack of KO power.


  • If you are knocked downwards out of the Ring, pay attension to your Flying Air. You may run out and fall out of the Ring.
  • Don't fly too high. Repeatedly hitting the Spacebar wil cause him to fly out of the Map.