Mighty the Armadillo hails from 2 games: Knuckles' Chaotix and SegaSonic the Hedgehog. He makes his entrance into this game as a semi-clone of Knuckles .


Still: Punch

Moving: Uppercut

Air: Airdash

Air Up: Triple Jump

Air Down: Downwards Hit

Power-Up: Mini Quake


Mighty is, essentially a quicker version of Knuckles. His Uppercut is faster, but ends quicker, too. The airdash can be used to neutralize knockback from enemy attacks. The Triple Jump is an effective way of dodging enemy attacks. The  Punch move is about as effective as every other Still attack. Mighty's downwards hit is simply a faster version of Knuckles' as well. Mighty's Power-Up attack, Mini Quake, has to be charged up for about 4 seconds. However, it has high knockback and KO potential if fully charged.